Sight Pin Light, 1/4-28 Threads, Std./High Output Blue, .13"/.16" Tip, Choose-

Sight Pin Light, 1/4-28 Threads, Std./High Output Blue, .13"/.16" Tip, Choose-

  • $23.95

  • "CREE" Std./High Output Blue LED, 1/4-28 Threads Brass Holder 
  • 1/4-28 Threads Nylon Tip with .13" or .16" Hole for holding tubing 
  • Connector Color is Beige for Standard Output
  • Connector Color is Beige w/ Red Stripe for High Output
  • Use with Tip to Light Any Color Fiber From "END" of Fiber(s) In Tubing (Piped-In Install). Can be a Custom Installation 
  • Use w/o Tip to Light Any Color Fibers (Except Blue) From "SIDE" of Fibers.  Most Multi-Pin Sights  
  • Single Pin Scopes w/ Blue Fiber, Recommend PLA-832-SP and piped in install
  • 1- 1/4-28 Threads Sight Pin Light, Std. or High Output Blue
  • 1- 1/4-28 Threaded Nylon Tip with .13" or .16" Output Hole
  • 1- 1/4" Cable Clamp, For Securing SPL to a Tapped Hole
  • 1- Rubber Cap for Protection/Strain Relief of Wires 
  • 2- ZIP-Ties
  • Please Follow Installation Instructions/Warnings Included in Kits, or Available under DX/DX2 INFO.
  • For Max Pin Brightness: A Piped-In Installation Is Brightest  
  • Piped-In Installs on Some Sights May Require a Custom Installation 
  • For Piped In Install, w/.13" Tip, Use .13" OD Tubing, P/N: STP-06-13  (Order Separately) 
  • For Piped In Install, w/.16" Tip, Use .16" OD Tubing, P/N: STP-06-16  (Order Separately) 
  • For Lighting Blue or Any Color Fiber(s) From "SIDE" Of Fibers; Use A (UV) Sight Pin Light, P/N: PLA-428-UV; (Order Separately)  

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The shipment was shipped very quickly and was protected in the package very well thank you for the ship