Sight Pin Light, 1/4-28 Threads, Std./High Output Blue, .13"/.16" Tip, Choose-

Sight Pin Light, 1/4-28 Threads, Std./High Output Blue, .13"/.16" Tip, Choose-

  • $23.95

  • "CREE" Std./High Output Blue LED, 1/4-28 Threads Brass Holder 
  • 1/4-28 Threads Nylon Tip with .13" or .16" Hole for holding tubing 
  • Connector Color is Beige for Standard Output
  • Connector Color is Beige w/ Red Stripe for High Output
  • Use with Tip to Light Any Color Fiber From "END" of Fiber(s) In Tubing (Piped-In Install). Can be a Custom Installation 
  • Use w/o Tip to Light Any Color Fibers (Except Blue) From "SIDE" of Fibers.  Most Multi-Pin Sights  
  • Single Pin Scopes w/ Blue Fiber, Recommend PLA-832-SP and piped in install
  • 1- 1/4-28 Threads Sight Pin Light, Std. or High Output Blue
  • 1- 1/4-28 Threaded Nylon Tip with .13" or .16" Output Hole
  • 1- 1/4" Cable Clamp, For Securing SPL to a Tapped Hole
  • 1- Rubber Cap for Protection/Strain Relief of Wires 
  • 2- ZIP-Ties
  • Please Follow Installation Instructions/Warnings Included in Kits, or Available under DX/DX2 INFO.
  • For Max Pin Brightness: A Piped-In Installation Is Brightest  
  • Piped-In Installs on Some Sights May Require a Custom Installation 
  • For Piped In Install, w/.13" Tip, Use .13" OD Tubing, P/N: STP-06-13  (Order Separately) 
  • For Piped In Install, w/.16" Tip, Use .16" OD Tubing, P/N: STP-06-16  (Order Separately) 
  • For Lighting Blue or Any Color Fiber(s) From "SIDE" Of Fibers; Use A (UV) Sight Pin Light, P/N: PLA-428-UV; (Order Separately)  

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Patrick Hamp
Always works and fast shipping

These guys are pros, there’s really nothing more to say.

Doug Girt
Very good.

We used and sold these light kits for years. Parts are easy to replace and always dependable

Richard Hall

The shipment was shipped very quickly and was protected in the package very well thank you for the ship