PLDX2 Kit, 8-32/10-32L, (UV) Output Purple SPL, Choose- Options

  • $128.95

Choose 8-32 (Most Scopes); 8-32 has .094" Output Hole  
Choose 10-32L (Custom/2004 & Older Scopes); 10-32L has .11" Output Hole 

Use to Light Up All Fiber Colors From "SIDE" of Fiber(s) 
Use to Light Up Stick-On Lens Dots or Fluorescent Beads  
NOT For Use to Light Up Any Fiber Colors From "END" of Fiber(s) 
Some Images Are of "Add-on Options," (Customer- Choice)  
  • NO-Tool Battery Change w/ Captivated Thumb Screw & Push Out Batteries 
  • Uses Lithium Batteries, Better Than Rechargeable in Cold Temps 
  • Buttons Have Solid Quite Tactile Feel, Even Wearing Gloves 
  • Factory-Set Auto Shut-Offs (2 min Top Port/40 min Bottom Port) 
  • 20 User-Programmable Shut-Off Times, If Desired 
  • Stores Programming Indefinitely, With Easy Factory Reset 
  • 2 Ports Allows For Using 2 Sight Pin Lights Simultaneously 
  • Standard & Low Voltage Modes, Gives More Brightness Levels 
  • 10 (Standard Voltage) Fine Tuned Brightness Levels Each Port 
  • 10 (Low Voltage) Fine Tuned Brightness Levels Each Port 
  • 10+ Hours Battery Life at Max Brightness, Standard Voltage Mode 
  • 3-Stage Low-Battery Warning; 3-Blinks, 2-Blinks or 1-Blink 
  • Weather-Resistant, Digital-Tech w/ Gold-Plated Contacts 
  • Power Pack w/Batts, Sight Pin Light, Mtg. Velcro; Weighs ~1.4 oz. 
    • 1- DX2 Power/Control Pack 
    • 1- Ultra-Violet (UV) Output Purple LED 
    • 1- Sight Pin Light, Choose- 8-32 or 10-32 Threads 
    • 2- 2032 Lithium Batteries, High mA (long lasting) 
    • 1- Velcro Pads/Straps/Zip-Ties Mounting Kit 
    • 1- Extreme Weather Cover & Quick Reference Card 
    • 1- Operating/Programming Install Instructions & Mounting Pics 
    • 1- Year Limited Parts and Manufacturing Warranty 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Chad Bennett
      Lp Light

      Super well built ! The kit came with everything needed and some extra, arrived promptly in three days. I installed it and it works great! I have been using these products for as long as i can remember and they are super tough and they stand behind their equipment. Great product!

      Jeff Fields
      LP light kit on Mybo Ten Zone target scope.

      Super well built product! Came with great instructions/manual as well as all parts, wire ties, Velcro, for any installation Awesome support! Larry was extremely helpful! I had an unusual installation as I used it to illuminate a fluorescent dot w/ring around it on lens. Larry advised me by phone on the components I needed and I immediately ordered them via his website which by the way was a pleasant experience. The kit arrived promptly in three days as Larry said they would. I installed it and it works superbly! I can't say enough about Larry and his company!