PLDX2 Kit, 10-32L Std. Output Blue SPL, 10-32 Tip, Choose- Options

  • $129.95

Rarely Used on Newer Single Pin Scopes 
Occasionally Used on Customized, or 2004 & Older Scopes

Use With or Without Threaded Tip 
Use to Light Up All Fiber Colors From "END" of Fiber(s), (Piped-In Install) 
Use to Light Up All Fiber Colors (Except Blue) From "SIDE" of Fiber(s) 
   IF Lighting "Blue" Fiber(s) From "SIDE" Order a UV Kit or UV SPL
   IF Lighting Stick-On Lens Dot(s) Order a UV Kit or UV SPL 
Some Images Are of "Add-on Options," (Customer- Choice) 

  • NO-Tool Battery Change w/ Captivated Thumb Screw & Push Out Batteries 
  • Uses Lithium Batteries, Better Than Rechargeable in Cold Temps 
  • Buttons Have Solid Quite Tactile Feel, Even Wearing Gloves 
  • Factory-Set Auto Shut-Offs (2 min Top Port/40 min Bottom Port) 
  • 20 User-Programmable Shut-Off Times, If Desired 
  • Stores Programming Indefinitely, With Easy Factory Reset 
  • 2 Ports Allows For Using 2 Sight Pin Lights Simultaneously 
  • Standard & Low Voltage Modes, Gives More Brightness Levels 
  • 10 (Standard Voltage) Fine Tuned Brightness Levels Each Port 
  • 10 (Low Voltage) Fine Tuned Brightness Levels Each Port 
  • 10+ Hours Battery Life at Max Brightness, Standard Voltage Mode 
  • 3-Stage Low-Battery Warning; 3-Blinks, 2-Blinks or 1-Blink 
  • Weather-Resistant, Digital-Tech w/ Gold-Plated Contacts 
  • Power Pack w/Batts, Sight Pin Light, Mtg. Velcro; Weighs ~1.4 oz. 

    • 1- DX2 Power/Control Pack  
    • 1- "CREE" Standard Output Blue LED 
    • 1- Sight Pin Light, 10-32 Threads, .11" Output Hole 
    • 1- 10-32 Threads Tip, .094" Output Hole (for tubing) 
    • 4- 2032 High mA (long lasting) Lithium Batteries 
    • 1- Velcro/Hardware/Zip-Ties Mounting Kit 
    • 1- Extreme Weather Cover & Quick Reference Card 
    • 1- Operating/Programming Install Instructions & Mounting Pics 
    • 1- Year Limited Parts and Manufacturing Warranty 
    • Sheathing/Tubing, Teflon, 2x, .03 x .094" x 8" (Order Separately)